Instrument Lighting for Aircraft

Options include:

  • Internal lighting customization to flight instruments, communication and navigation systems.
  • Large scale back-lit panels that illuminate the entire cockpit console using NVIS white lighting to be able to discern colors
  • Large scale back-lit panels that illuminate engine instruments.
  • External eyebrow lighting that is NVG compatible.

Cockpit Lighting

Internal lighting customization provides the best high quality lighting. NVG optimized lamps are bigger than standard lamps and room for the larger lamps may have to be created. If the instrument is modified internally, no aircraft wiring modifications are required.

Bezels or post lighting can be added to brighten individual instruments. The post light extends from the instrument panel and the bezel surrounds the instrument and illuminates the face of the instrument. Wiring must be added to provide lighting power to the post lights and bezels.

NVG flood lighting can be used to provide an inexpensive NVG cockpit solution. To learn more on flood lighting and drawings, please contact us (reference Aero Dynamix P/Ns 1248, 1247, and 1246-99).

Approved Modification Procedures

Aero Dynamix, Inc. has over 800 FAA approved customization procedures for cockpit avionics, cockpit and cabin interior lighting and external lighting NVG customizations. All customizations and drawings are reviewed and approved by a Designated Engineering Representative (DER). All customization procedures are listed on the FAA Operations Specification for modification of lighting according to the approved modification procedures.

Radio/Control Head Lighting

Radios and control heads normally have back-lit panels, annunciators and/or electronic displays.

Back-lit panels may be customized but typically are too thin to accept NVG lamps. Aero Dynamix will design, build and replace these panels or customize panels to customer specifications. Alternatively, the internal lighting may be switched off and the bezel floodlit. Type 3 panels could be customized with MS25010 NVG lamp holders. Annunciators and/or electronic displays must be modified to become NVG compatible but must be sunlight readable. Annunciator modifications consist of replacing the colored plastic with the correct color NVG filter (green, yellow, or red). Electronic displays must be filtered depending on the type of display (CRT, LED, LCD, etc). Filter material is selected to optimize the NVG performance without affecting the instruments viewability during the day.

Cargo Bay/External Lighting

Cargo Bay lights could be modified or may be replaced with NVG customization Dome Lights. External lighting may be modified to provide IR illumination not visible to the human eye but completely illuminated to the NVG user. These covert capabilities are an excellent option for surveillance work.

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