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Aircraft illuminated Edge Lit Panels

Aircraft illuminated Edge Lit Panels and NVIS Lighted Overlays for Cockpits are manufactured in-house with capabilities that include water cutting, Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machining, silk screen and laser marking in addition to a robotics paint facility. Aero Dynamix laser etched ELPs provide the highest quality markings available using high resolution optics. Products include:

In addition, we can produce customized panels to customer specifications and refurbish existing ELPs to “new” condition.

All light panels manufactured by Aero Dynamix are done in accordance with FAA approved processes. In addition, ADI recently achieved internal certification under MIL-DTL-7788 for Edge Lit Panel manufacturing and is pursuing QPL-7788 certification for its ELP products.

Aircraft Illuminated Overlays

Aero Dynamix is the only Aircraft NVIS lighting company that offers integrally Lit Panel Overlays that provide NVG compatible lighting to a group of instruments. This approach provides excellent, uniform NVG compatible lighting because the overlay projects light from 360° around each instrument. Overlays provide NVG lighting to a cluster of instruments or an entire instrument panel if the aircraft has all analog instruments and gauges. Because light is dispersed in a 360° circle around each instrument using several lamps, dimming or shadowing is never a problem even if a lamp burns out. This method is applicable to all instruments, gauges and switches that do not require internal modifications to meet FAA regulatory requirements for NVG compliance.


Overlays are an ideal solution for instruments that have high failure rates or require regular servicing or calibration. The instrument remains in its original OEM condition and can thus be replaced by any TC approved component to continue NVG operations while the original component is sent off for repair or servicing. And since the unit remains in its original OEM condition, it can be sent to any OEM approved repair center.

Another advantage of this type of lighting is that the overlay can be laser etched to include text or placarding. The laser etched text is measured by a photometer to ensure that proper levels of evenly distributed lighting are maintained. Installation of overlay panels is quick and relatively non invasive to the instrument panel. No additional wiring is required because the overlay panel picks up power from an existing power source. Normally, all that is required to install an overlay panel is a connector mounted in the instrument panel and in some cases, attachment hardware.

The overall cost effectiveness along with excellent NVG lighting characteristics make overlays a preferred NVG compatible lighting solution for Aero Dynamix.

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