Tonka Hufford
Tonka HuffordChief Operating Officer
Tonka directs the overall coordination and scheduling of all departments relating to the timely delivery of cockpits, individual products and final certification. He is also responsible for providing ongoing technical product support to our aviation customer base.
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Jessie Kearby
Jessie KearbyDirector of Engineering & Certification
Jessie directs all engineering and certification related activities for Aero Dynamix.
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David Lam
David LamDirector of Production
David directs all production management staff and coordination of manufacturing plant operations for Aero Dynamix. Responsibilities include production planning, purchasing, assembly, machining, inventory, shipping and receiving.
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Bob Dillenback
Bob DillenbackCFO
Bob is responsible for accounting, finance, treasury, risk management and human resources. Bob is also responsible for government compliance with employment issues and assists with contract reviews.
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Pam Morrison
Pam MorrisonDirector of Document Management
Pam directs all document management related activities for Aero Dynamix including engineering document control, order entry, and administrative services for various company departments. She also acts as a focal point for FAA coordination related to technical DER activity and type design data submittals.
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Jerry Livezey
Jerry LivezeySales
Jerry manages sales and new programs for Aero Dynamix and supports business development and partnership initiatives across the company.
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Jim Darr
Jim DarrRepair Station Manager
Jim is responsible for the operation of the Repair Station including night vision modifications, unit repairs, functional tests, goggle certifications, goggle repairs, and customer support. He also offers support to other company organizations, such as Engineering for product improvements.
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David Savidge
David SavidgeQuality Manager
David is responsible for all Quality Assurance programs, procedures and staff at Aero Dynamix. He is the company liaison with the FAA and DLA on quality related matters.
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Paul Bank
Paul BankProduct Support
Paul is also responsible for providing ongoing technical product support to our aviation customer base.
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