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Flight Training

Aero Dynamix partners with leading flight training organizations to offer comprehensive ground and flight training for NVG operations.

Bristow Academy trains civilian and military helicopter pilots to operate safely at night while using helmet-mounted NVG. The NVG program includes two courses, an initial course and a refresher course. The initial course is designed for helicopter pilots with limited or no previous experience with Night Vision Goggles, while the refresher course is designed for helicopter pilots who are already Night Vision Goggle qualified, but may not have flown under NVGs within the last four months.

The company has 20 NVG qualified Flight Instructors flying approximately 75 hours of NVG training per week. Many of these instructors are former military pilots. The Academy has six NVG-compatible Schweizer 300 CBi and five NVG-compatible Bell JetRanger 206-B3 helicopters at its Titusville, Florida campus where NVG flight training is offered. All training aircraft are equipped with Aero Dynamix NVIS lighting systems.

For more information on Bristow Academy’s NVG flight training program, click here.

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